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Galvalume Rolling Shutter

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Galvalume Rolling Shutter

Galvalume Rolling Shutters are ideally suited for most types of Industrial and Commercial applications. The aluminum – zinc alloy coating offers excellent corrosion resistance. It retains the sacrificial properties of zinc relative to steel while aluminum provides a tough film of aluminum oxide to increase barrier protection. Galvalume Rolling Shutters continue to gain approval by specifiers, architects, building owners and many others due to its versatility, ease of use, aesthetics and long-term performance

The primary features which make these shutters popular and long-lasting are:

  • These shutters are powdered with 20+ years of anti-corrosion property’s and are typically made of aluminum and coated with a zinc-silicon alloy which makes themrobust.
  • Because of their durability and strength, these do not need to be replaced regularly, making them a more cost-effectiveoption.
  • With a clean and matte finish, they give a professional appearance to the building.
  • The automatic shutters come with a fingerprint reader, sensors, photocell, ID card readers, and backup battery, which makes the business executives easily track the activities in their businessenterprises.