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High Speed Door

High performance doors are basically designed where fast access for in or out is required. These doors are made according to European standards. Door is completely tailor made manufactured by Excel Edge Automation.

Important facts to know about high speed Doors:

  • High speed Doors are automated doors that are used to provide quick access between the inside and outside of astructure.
  • In cooperation with German engineers, Heavy Performance Doors are developed and manufactured in a German facility utilizing state-of-the-art and resourceful technical technology for regular usage in high traffic regions, with opening speeds of up to 1.5-3 meters persecond.
  • These high speed Doors can easily improve the flow of traffic through busydoorways.
  • These high-speed Doors manufacturers in India give you a fast, safe, efficient and simple operation in anysituation at any time.
  • The rapid opening speed lowers the amount of time required for material transportation, thus expediting the logistics process. The location is visited by our team of experienced engineers, who are suggested the most appropriate fast door to the customer. Rapid doors are mainly designed, produced, and fitted in accordance with internationalspecifications.
  • Many industrial sectors nowadays need a good and hygienicatmosphere in which the quantity of dirt and dust present in the production facility is kept to a bare minimum. Among the industries that have bindingcriteria for keeping a dust- free atmosphere are medical instrument manufacturers, electronics and computer manufacturers, the food industry, the pharmaceutical sector, and certain military applications, to name a few. High-speed doors have become a necessary component of almost everybusiness now-a-days.
  • This high speed rapid doors are necessary for explosion-proof areas for a number of applications, including areas with specific requirements for temperature control, sanitation, storage and handling of frozen food, deep freezer automatic roll-up doors are required in cold storages, warehousing, loading bays and transmission systems. The Prime Reset is equipped with a smart, unique self-repairmechanism.

Commercial Use: -

  • Gives Sunlight Protection: It is the perfect replacement for curtains in blockingthe sun's rays and controlling lights. It keeps your room cool in summer; thus, it will help you save money on your energybill.
  • Helps in Controlling Noise Pollution: Nobody can control the outside noise, andit will irritate everyone. Installing overhead shutters will keep people away from the noise by blocking at least 60 to 70% ofit.
  • Offers Privacy: When passing by your house, people will usually peer inside the windows. To achieve privacy, you need to block their peeping views. You can achieve this by installing these roller shutters. It will give you complete privacy with double protection and you can install these shutters inside your existing windowsand doorsIt has sensors with safety edges that help your commercial space prevent major accidents.
  • Gives Aesthetic Appeal: It will improve the aesthetic appearance of the homeand increase its value. You can even personalize them and use them as a decorative item

Industrial Uses: -

  • Offers Security: It provides exceptional security for vehicular access and pedestrian. Indeed, this is a major reason for business people to choose these automated rollers shutters for their industrial buildings
  • Aids in improving safety: It has the standard anti-fall safety edges and back brakes. They also equipped safety traffic lights, photo-cells, warning sirens, photo-cells to better protect pedestrian and user traffic.
  • Weather Protection: Since it is highly durable, gives major protection against extreme heat, rain, or wind.

Self Repairing Door

Excel Edge Automation self-repairing roll-up doors are the technical evolution of PVC Rapid Doors or heavy folding doors, to meet with current industrial needs.

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Internal Roll up Door

Rapid Roll up Doors manufactured by Excel Edge Automation Group which are fast, durable, energy saver and are engineered for all kind of industrial applications too.

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External Roll up Door

The Excel Edge Automationhigh speed door is a perfect high speed door for inside as well as outside use too. It is wind resistant up to class 4 according to the European standard.

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Clean Room Door

Excel Edge Automation Clean Room Doors is a highly flexible and best for internal clean room applications, and it is made up of stainless steel.

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Spiral High Speed Door

Excel Edge Automation's high-speed spiral doors give you the superior advantage. We made it in a unique construction, the patented spiral, they reach maximum speeds of up to 4 m/s.

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Machine High Speed Door

Excel Edge Automation'smachine guard doors are high-speed doors that protect people and material from access to moving automatic machine areas.

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